Kevin Hart is on the cover of Essence’s June men’s issue, and in the cover interview, he opens up not only about how he came to find success but also how he has overcome difficulties in his life.

Speaking on how he rose to success, Hart credited his work ethic, saying, “If I’m not in production, if I’m not filming then I’m in my office. If I’m not doing that, we’re touring. If I’m not touring, I’m working on stand-up for the next tour. It’s just kind of non-stop for me. But I’m systematic. I believe in a schedule; I believe in a routine. I think the more you stay true to your routine, the more you’ll see results.”

He also spoke about fatherhood, since he and his wife, Eniko, are expecting their first child together. His own father was once drug-addicted, and he recalled that he was often disappointed as a child.

“My biggest disappointment when I was a kid was when Dad said, ‘We’re going to such and such,’ and I remember just being in that window and he never showed up that day,” he said. “You know, your heart was set on going out with Dad and then you end up not doing anything. Those moments of expectation where you end up being let down as a kid were very tough for me. That’s why I think today I am so adamant about doing what I say with my two kids.”

That’s why, looking forward, Hart is always striving to be better: “The success I now have and that I see myself gaining is all me competing with me, wanting to become the best version of me.”

The full issue hits newsstands on Friday, May 19. Make sure to check it out!

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