The annual list of the ten highest-paid actresses in Hollywood has been released, and not one Black woman made the cut.

Topping the list is La La Land‘s Emma Stone, who won this year’s Academy Award for Best Actress, earning $26 million. Rounding out the top three are Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million) and Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million).

Despite actresses of color breaking barriers in TV and film, none of Black Hollywood’s elite, from Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson to Kerry Washington and Octavia Spencer, managed to earn as much as their white counterparts, only proving that diversity in Hollywood still has a way to go.

Check out the full list below.

  1. Emma Stone ($26 million)
  2. Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million)
  3. Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million)
  4. Melissa McCarthy ($18 million)
  5. Mila Kunis ($15.5 million)
  6. Emma Watson ($14 million)
  7. Charlize Theron ($14 million)
  8. Cate Blanchett ($12 million)
  9. Julia Roberts ($12 million)
  10. Amy Adams ($11.5 million)

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