Wrong is Wrong and you cannot make it right.

Criminal charges against two Harris County deputies have been dropped in the 2015 body cavity search of a young Black woman. After seeing the video on KRIV-TV Ch. 26 – it was outrageous, disturbing and showed total disrespect by law officers, who are supposed to be committed to public service, as they invaded the body of this woman. Considering a grand jury under former District Attorney Devon Anderson led to a criminal indictment of the deputies, it is baffling to hear that prosecutors under District Attorney Kim Ogg dismissed the case and then re-presented it to an entirely different grand jury.

Allegedly there was new evidence. Well, it may not be criminal but it is a crime for two public servants, who are sworn to uphold the law, to totally disregard the importance of personal dignity and privacy of any individual. This young lady was thrown to the ground at a Texaco gas station, her legs pried open and physically searched by these two male officers. Why? For some drugs? She was already handcuffed and being arrested. Why couldn’t they wait until they got to the station?

One of the members of the DA’s team stated that “no one condones that…no one thinks it appropriate.” She added, “Bad decisions, bad judgement may not rise to the level of a criminal offense.”

Knowing that this young lady has a lawsuit pending against the county in this matter, I understand that DA may want to protect the county from legal admissions of this offense however you cannot sit quietly by and allow this kind of behavior to be tolerated in Harris County.

Today, these two officers sit on administrative leave awaiting the decision on their future. Their future should be termination because they have violated their duties to protect and service and have showed disrespect and disdain for the dignity of mankind.

Wrong is wrong and you cannot make it right.

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