One of the biggest hits of the 90’s is Sisqo’sThong Song,” and despite it being considered the perfect send-off song for 1999, the track, about women who wear thong underwear, is still a banger, and as TMZ reports, Sisqo is not done getting paid for his biggest hit. He’s fired off a lawsuit at a company he says stole more than half a million dollars of his royalties.

Sisqo hired 27 Red Music to collect royalties from various music publishing companies for all works released between 1996 and 2005, the largest moneymaker being “Thong Song.” He says they collected but failed to hand over $600,000 to him. He wants his money plus $3 million in punitive damages, according to the report.

“I can’t count how many thongs were thrown onstage! I can’t!” Sisqo told Billboard in an interview earlier this year, in which reflected about the entirety of his career.

When ET talked to Sisqo back in 1999, he was confident that “Thong Song” was going to be huge. “My next single off of my new album [is] the ‘Thong Song,’ which is going to be like an international supersmash,” he told ET before the single was even released. “It’s going to be really big.”

Meanwhile,  Sisqo and his group, Dru Hill have been billed to perform at this year’s ‘Back in the Day Concert’ in Ghana. The annual concert, which started three years ago, celebrates some of the 1990s greatest artists as well as featured performances from Ghana’s own musical stars.

Just in case you forgot how epic this song was:

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