Tyrese had quite the meltdown on social media over a range of topics, including his falling out with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his custody battle against his ex-wife.

In an emotional video posted online, the singer and musician is in tears as he sports a “Kayla Rocks” hoodie –the name of his daughter–and makes a public plea to not have his daughter taken away from him.

“This all I got…don’t take my baby, OK?” he bemoans. “I been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby because no one is listening.”

“I’m not doing anything illegal, but I don’t want nobody…Am I protected by the first right amendment?” he said in reference to filming the video. “I’m at $13,000 a month, what more do you want from me?!

In a post on Instagram, Tyrese also addressed his ongoing feud with The Rock, who agreed to do a Fast & Furious spin-off without him.

“I was just mad that he was ‘pitched’ an idea privately and said yes to it without thinking of what I’m dealing with personally I’m almost broke paying legal fees and is doing what we committed to doing for the #FastFans and #FastFamily cause the fast is tradition it’s not just another Movie,” he wrote. “Fast was created to COUNTER images of racism to counter that WE ARE NOT ONE RACE.”

He then continued to break down, lamenting the fact that he is unable to see his daughter, Shayla, as he continues a contentious custody battle in court: “So the rock how does it feel bro?…. going home to your daughter every night…. it’s was 60 days before I seen my baby.”

Tyrese also wrote that he would not return to play Roman Pierce if The Rock was in the next Fast & Furious installment, writing, “You mess with family and my daughters survival I mess with yours.”

He also wrote that he wouldn’t be taking down the posts because he wanted the “TRUTH” out there.

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