The latest guest to visit Dr. Phil’s show claims she is married to media mogul, Tyler Perry.

Karla, mother of two, appeared on the talk show to divulge the intimate details of her online relationship with an unverified Tyler Perry fan page profile.

On top of the nuptials, Karen claims she is also the biological mother of Perry’s son, even though she’s never met or seen the filmmaker in person:

YouTube video

Her concerned children stood by her side, telling the host their mother has given the alleged scammer over $100K. The discouraged siblings said they’ve tried on numerous occasions to convince their mom she’s being fooled:

YouTube video

The psychiatrist did his best to dissect the deception, even pointing out how the scammer’s broken English is in indication he is not the real Perry:

YouTube video

Karla justified it by saying it was one of his counterparts contacting her in this instance on behalf of the Tyler Perry Foundation—that doesn’t exist.

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