Who is Dr. Seun Adigun, D.C.?

Age: 33

Occupation: Chiropractor, Biomechanist, 2x Olympic Athlete | Extra Wellness Center, LLC

Education: UH, Texas Chiropractic College

Major: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Master of Education in Physical Education, Master of Science in Exercise and Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Doctorate of Chiropractic

Motto: “‘Impossible is nothing.’ A twist on the phrase ‘nothing is impossible.’ For me, ‘impossible is nothing’ means that far too often we are held back from our potential because we talk ourselves out of it. We tend to think that our dreams are ‘impossible’ once they become big enough to scare us. I believe you never know what is possible until you make an intentional effort to execute it. Once the goal or dream is achieved, we no longer feel intimidated and many times end up questioning why we even had a doubt in the first place. If we all just attacked our dreams and goals with that mentality, we would realize that ‘impossible is nothing.’”

Motivated By: “Good health and inner peace motivates me. As a doctor and scientist, I understand that research supports the physical benefits of regular exercise. As the human being and woman of God, I appreciate the spiritual and mental benefits that regular exercise adds to my physical health.”

Unknown Facts: “I’ve had two heart surgeries and I’m a good cook.”

We asked Dr. Seun to share a little about her Olympics experience and what she learned from it:

“In 2012, I competed in the Summer Olympics in the sport of track & field as a 100m hurdler for the country of Nigeria. Immediately after that Olympic race, I knew I was done competing in the sport. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally tapped out – but little did I know, God had a different plan for me. Two years later, I was exposed to the sport of bobsled. In 2015, I started a journey that I had no idea would change my life and that of millions across the world. As a dual Nigerian-American citizen, I competed in my first season of bobsled as a World Cup brakeman on the USA team. The impact of my participation in the sport quickly grew to be much larger than me. In December 2016, I officially started the first ever African bobsled team. In February 2018, I became the only African in the world to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, leading Nigeria to its first ever Winter Olympic Games appearance along with three other incredible women.”

Fitness Start: “I’ve always been an active individual since I was a child. I recently took to fitness as a means of having the best health and quality of live.”

Fitness Goal: “My fitness goal is to experience the best quality of life with my health!”

Fitness Advice: “Have fun! Find the things that make you happy. Every workout is not made for everyone. Figure out what your fitness and/or health goals are and then execute a plan to achieve them. Think of it as a lifelong journey instead of a journey to immediate results.”

Social Media:

Twitter: @Seun_MsAmazing

IG: @Seun_MsAmazing

Facebook: @seunmsamazing

A proper diet can be life changing.

“Proper nutrition is life changing. Far too often people miss the opportunity to save their own lives because they make a decision not to eat a well-balanced diet that includes more fruits and vegetables, and less fried food and sweets. The African and African-American populations specifically are genetically linked to health conditions that plague our families for generations.”

Dr. Seun’s meal plan:

Breakfast: One cup of oats with eggs (egg whites when available) or fruit smoothie with kale and spinach (occasionally I’ll add a vegetable protein powder)

Snacks: Fruits and nuts (pistachios or almonds), Snap Pea Chips, and my fav — Kettle Flavor Popcorners

Lunch: Rice, Nigerian vegetable stew, and fried plantain

Dinner: Homemade Vegan Nachos or some type of sautéed vegetable burrito occasionally eaten with Cod fish”

Physical: I find significant benefits in running stadiums.

“My fitness routine includes running, weight-lifting and plyometric exercises. I also find significant benefits in running stadiums. For many individuals, something as simple as thirty minutes of dancing or fast walking for five days per week can create a healthier lifestyle and increase a person’s overall quality of life.”

Mental: I’ve learned to be a student of life.

“I fast for the month of Ramadan to focus on my inner peace, patience and life goals.”

Dr. Seun’s Ted Talk, ‘Conquer the Fear of the Unknown,’ unlocks her four-step process to conquer anything that comes your way. Dr. Sean had one question for herself, “What is next when you’re in your 30s and you’ve already accomplished so much academically and athletically? Her answer, “You conquer your fears and become a student of life.”

Spiritual: I disconnect from the world to be with God every day.

“I pray regularly, write in a journal, and take a few moments of every single day to be in silence, disconnect from the world and be with God.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]