Well, it only took five months, but Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has finally met with the family of Breonna Taylor. While not much has been revealed about the meeting, the family and the family’s attorneys have expressed appreciation for the conference and appear to be somewhat hopeful that justice is earnestly being sought after.

According to USA Today, the meeting included Taylor’s mother, sister, aunt, a community activist and the family’s attorneys.

Cameron’s office said in a statement that the attorney general met with the family to “express his condolences,” but they didn’t provide additional information because the “investigation remains ongoing, and our office of Special Prosecutions continues to review all the facts in the case to determine the truth.”

From USA Today:

Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother, said in a statement that she was glad Cameron sought the meeting Wednesday and that he “seemed sincere and genuine.” Palmer said Cameron didn’t say which direction he’s leaning, but that after the meeting, she’s “more confident” that “truth will come out and that justice will be served.”

“We let him know how important it was for their office to get all the facts, to get the truth and to get justice for Breonna,” Palmer said. “We all deserve to know the whole truth behind what happened to my daughter.

“The attorney general committed to getting us the truth. We’re going to hold him up to that commitment.”

According to family attorney Lonita Baker, Cameron—who hadn’t even spoken to any of Taylor’s family members before the Wednesday meeting—told them he hadn’t met with the family earlier because he didn’t want it to interfere with the investigation.

Baker said Cameron claimed he is waiting on a ballistics report from the FBI as well as planned interviews and re-interviews with witnesses. She also said Cameron “did not give a timeline, however it is our position that we’re not going to wait forever. We do want this resolved quickly and accurately so that Ms. Palmer and the family can get some answers as it relates to the murder of Breonna Taylor,” CNN reports.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who also represents Taylor’s family, said he is hopeful that arrests will be made in connection to Taylor’s death “sooner rather than later.”

Crump noted that the meeting marked 150 days since Taylor was fatally shot in her home and said that “we expect, hopefully before 200 days, charges to happen.”

According to CNN, Crump and Baker also held a “positive, productive” meeting with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and the city attorney on Wednesday in which the two “held no punches back.”

“It was intense, long meetings, but we thought it was productive,” Crump said.

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