With school, sports and various other activities filling the day for many young people, the closest most kids ever get to entrepreneurship is setting up a lemonade stand on a hot summer afternoon or selling candy to friends at school.

But for more and more young people, the spirit of entrepreneurship catches on at an early age. Today, more kid entrepreneurs are changing the small business landscape than ever. 

Today’s “kidtrepreneurs” venture far beyond the lemonade stand. They manage staffs, snag national attention and are moguls in the making. 

Check out these kids in business who are powerhouses in the making. 



Business:Sienna Sauce 

Type of business: Condiments industry

Why she started her business:My favorite restaurant that sold wings in New York City closed and I tried to re-create the sauce and came up with something better.

Contact info:www.Siennasauce.com



Business: Everything Annalise 

Type of business: Author of “Annalise the Kid Detective.” Provides personalized poetry for people who may want to gift a poem to someone. Creates avatars for individuals and designs personalized journals. 

Why she started her business: “I have had a passion for writing since I was 5. After sharing my writings and artwork, I started getting people from all walks of life requesting my services. 

Contact info: www.facebook.com/ABowersATKD/



Business:Nature of Yoga

Type of business:Certified yoga instructor, Teaches yoga classes, hosts yoga events and workshops and is available for conferences, camps, etc. 

Why she started her business:”Yoga is really fun to do and it helps people stay calm and focused. Helping others stay calm and get more joy helps me have more joy. I can get paid doing stuff I love!”

Contact Info: lifewithtatumb@gmail.com; IG and YouTube are @lifewithtatumb 



Business:Sock Out Poverty, Inc

Type of business:Nonprofit organization distributing new socks to the less fortunate 

Why she started her business: While on a blanket drive with her mom, Princess noticed many homeless persons didn’t have socks to keep them warm. Because of her passion to give back to the community and her fondness for socks, Sock Out Poverty was created.

Contact Info:Sockoutpoverty.org


Ages:14, 12

Business:2 Brothers in the Kitchen

Type of business:Cupcake makers, authors of “Beyond the Kitchen”

Why they started their business: “We are two brothers cooking in one kitchen and we’re taking on the baking industry. Don’t let our age fool you. We are qualified geniuses who are combining our love for science, math and cooking and masterminding some out -of-this-world desserts.”

Contact info:www.2brositk.com



Business: DJ, entertainer. motivational speaker, author of “The Bully Stop”

Why she started her business:“I wanted to combine music with activism.”

Contact info: www.DJAnnieRed.com

Ailani Colyn Forde


Name of Business:Fancy Flops by Ailani

Type of Business:Fashion (Fancy Flip Flops, T Shirts, Headbands, Wallets, Lip Stick Cases, and Wall Art).

What made her decide to start a business:She started her business at 7 years old because she was BORED!  Her business now boasts over 100 different styles. She was selected as the NAACP Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2018 Children Who Inspire Us Award Winner for Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, featured on Bay News 9, ABC Action News, Cox Media, the Pete Edwards show, in numerous news papers and on the Harry Connick Jr. Show (Harry Show) https://youtu.be/iTUbnqCqTOs.

Public Contact information: www.fancyflopsbyailani.com

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