Saving money by cutting back on weekly expenses

After a summer of vacations, Sunday Funday brunches and endless amounts of impromptu spending, we’re heading into fall with a bit less cash than we had pre-Memorial Day. And before you know it the holidays will be rolling right up on us and we’ll need as much saved moolah as possible. But how do you save money without the struggle becoming completely real? We have some advice to help you cut back on your weekly expenses and start saving money ASAP.

Bring Your Lunch To Work

This might be one of the most obvious areas to save a little money throughout the week, but we can’t emphasize its effectiveness enough. Depending on where you live, lunch can range from $8-$9 to upwards of $15 each day. So why not consider picking a few extra items up at the grocery store and making your own lunch? Not only will you save money, but the likelihood of making healthy, slimming choices will definitely go up when you’re not tempted with a Wendy’s run in the middle of the day.

No Bottles Necessary

Yes, we all love bottled water. But when push comes to thirsty shove, we don’t need it. Unless you’re working in an office environment that serves up free bottles on a daily basis, the few dollars you spend at the local convenience store or CVS to imbibe water in a pretty bottle will start to add up. Instead grab yourself a refillable bottle that can be used throughout the day. You’ll save money and you’ll do something nice for the environment as well.

Walk To Work

OK, so we’re not saying that starting your day off with a five mile slog to work is the right move. Not at all. But, we are suggesting that instead of hopping in that cab a few blocks to your office, consider walking. Of course that can be tricky in winter, but during spring, summer and fall a nice walk to work will not only feel great, but it’ll give you a little extra exercise.

Keep Happy Hour In Check

Knocking back a few can be exactly what the doctor ordered after a hard day’s work. But as tempting as it is to down half a dozen of those $5 margarita’s during happy hour, we’re going to caution you not to. Sure excessive drinking has a host of negative health impacts that we’re sure you’re fully aware of. But what we’re concerned with is the damage it can inflict on your wallet. It’s so easy to fly through $20, $40, even $60 bucks in a relatively short period of time when sip cocktails with friends. For a lower cost alternative, be sure to take breaks between rounds with a glass of water.

Skip The Drinks, Hit A Workout

If you’re the type of drinker who either goes hard in the paint or doesn’t bother at all, might we suggest finding alternative ways to relieve stress and hang with friends. One of our favorite happy hour alternatives: Working out. Not only will you spend a little extra time getting in shape (and ditching the calories of booze), it’s also a great way to do some quality bonding time with a friend or coworker.