With the gyms closed, events canceled and everyone trying to do their part to blunt the coronavirus pandemic by practicing social distancing, maintaining a fitness mindset is a struggle.

Many people are fighting the urge to snack and nap to cope with the pandemic unknowns and disruptions that have us yearning for normalcy.

Health experts say a good diet and exercising are important components to maintain sanity and to keep the immune system strong against the coronavirus.

So, for inspiration, we turned to the Defender’s Fit & Fine fitness enthusiasts for tips to keep the weight off and maintain fitness:

Keep it fun

“Participate in social media challenges, enjoy outdoor exercises and connect with trainers for virtual workout sessions.” – Joy Diggs

“Set aside 30 minutes daily to be #CoronaFit and #CoronaFine. Set up a room or area in your home just for working out. Find a good kettlebell workout or participate in some of the fitness challenges on Instagram.”- Stevie Brown

“Get an accountability partner and check in daily. Post your own exercise videos and tag others to jump in with you. When you motivate others, you unknowingly motivate yourself to keep pushing forward.” – Ian Buchanan

“Pull out those rollerblades – yes, I know you have a pair! Remember how much fun it was [to rollerblade]?” – Chichi Nwaorie

Stick to a schedule, goals

“Create a schedule. With the uncertainty of the outside world, being able to take control of something will feel good.” – Stevie Brown

“Regardless of your quarantine situation, stick to a schedule! If you used to workout at noon, continue to do so now. This is not a break from your bills, kids, responsibilities and certainly not from your goals. As depressed as you may be right now, imagine how you’d feel after this is all over and you’re back to where you first started.” – Ian Buchanan

“This is a great time to revisit the goals you’ve made and see how far you’ve come. There may be new space in your schedule to create another small fitness goal. Post your new goal on social media and motivate others.” – Lillian Abdalla

“Use this time wisely. Meditate, calm your mind, body and spirit. Read, grow, practice self-love and gratitude.” – Jermaine Patterson

Eat for fuel, not boredom

“Keep low-calorie snacks on hand and stick to your normal eating schedule. Set an alarm for times to eat and drink water.” – Joy Diggs

“Stay motivated by creating new, healthy recipes and eat immune boosting foods. Avoid emotional eating.” Visit Crystal on Instagram for recipes, nutrition tips, and more. – Crystal Hadnott

“Remember to eat to fuel your body and not kill the boredom. I’m sharing one of my fav recipes … turkey muffins. They are not only healthy, but easy to make and delicious!” – Chichi Nwaorie