#DoBetterGrambling: Message from Managing Editor ReShonda Tate
Chelsey Lucas (inset) cut the entire volleyball roster at Grambling State University, sparking a huge controversy.

Grambling drama

As a volleyball mom, I’ve been following the drama at Grambling State University. In case you hadn’t heard, the new volleyball coach cut all 19 of the team’s current players. That means they’ll lose their scholarships, and for some, their college career, following the unprecedented move.

ReShonda Tate, Managing Editor

Chelsey Lucas, who spent three years coaching at The University of Arkansas Pine-Bluff (UAPB), made the drastic roster change just two months after she was hired. Naturally, the girls, who say they were never given the opportunity to try out, were devastated.

Lucas’ swift decision comes at a tough time for the players, who are now racing to secure another scholarship program before the end of the 2022 season, a difficult feat since most schools have already dispersed scholarships.

Grambling officials support Lucas, basically saying “Out with the old, in with the new.” I get sports can be brutal. I get a coach being within her right to dismantle a whole team. But I don’t get the callousness of this whole thing. Many of these girls can’t transfer without losing credits or they can’t stay at Grambling without money. If the school couldn’t find any other money, they could’ve at least acted like they care, released a remorseful statement, statement, something. “Out with the old, in with the new.” Really???? The way the university handled this situation sent a message to those players and anyone thinking about attending Grambling. We want to encourage our children to attend HBCUs, promising them safe havens and support. This is anything but support.

Lina Hildago readies for a fight

While three indicted senior staffers from Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s office were making their first court appearances, Hidalgo was standing her ground, letting everyone know she refused to play political games.

Alex Triantaphyllis, Wallis Nader and Aaron Dunn were indicted following an investigation into an $11 million COVID vaccine outreach contract. On Twittwer, Hildago said “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that unfair accusations are being leveled against my team in the middle of my re-election campaign. I do not, and will not, cave to bullying or political dirty tricks. I have not seen anything to suggest my staff did anything but work tirelessly for the people of Harris County. They will remain on my team.”

I don’t know who’s innocent or guilty on this one, but I’ll be tuned in…I do know one thing, if anyone thinks they’ll bully Hidalgo out of that coveted County Judge seat, they might want to think again.

For the love of a turkey leg

Social media users are reacting to a new policy at the popular Turkey Leg Hut. The Almeda Road establishment has gained a cult following for its stuffed turkey legs and soul food offerings, as well as a notorious reputation for long lines and waits on weekends. The proprietors have attempted to rein in wait times at the establishment by offering reservations for guests, which for a party of two requires a non-refundable $100 deposit paid through Cash App, as well as a signed contract ahead of your visit to the restaurant. The policy is not new, according to the restaurant’s publicist, but it did get the attention of Twitter. Social media users debated the red tape surrounding Turkey Leg Hut’s reservation process, some arguing the deposit—which is credited toward patrons’ total bill—is doing the most. Others say they are willing to pay it to avoid those long lines. I say….I’m just gonna get my turkey leg to go. What say you? Let us know your opinion on social media.  

Before I go….

Yes, I’m still talking about Will. Do I believe he needed to have some repurcussions over his Oscars slap? Definitely. But ten years? Come on, son. Let me explain….From Woody Allen to Kevin Spacey to a host of other white men committed atrocious acts, none of them men ever received a ban from the Academy for any amount of time, let alone a decade. But the Black guy, Will Smith–never arrested, squeaky clean his whole life, safe square Will Smith–is dangerous, out of control, and has destroyed his career because of one faux-pas. He’s been put in the same category as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein. Make it make sense.But you know what? I’m betting on Black…Will will be back…and it will be Black America who makes that possible. And once he’s bankable again, watch white America come back.

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