Some people use Kickstarter campaigns and loans to fund their business ventures. But 13-time National Elevator Pitch Champion and 2013 Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Competition winner Precious Williams used her gift of gab to win more than $150,000 toward her business pursuits.

Precious Williams, bestselling-author and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious L.L.C., used her powerful presentation skills to take her business, Curvy Girlz Lingerie, around the world and empower women who wanted to feel sexy in their curvaceous bodies. She used data, stories, and creativity to attract large-scale companies who wanted to partner with her. Now, she’s earned the title of being a nationally recognized pitch master and has been a featured guest on large stages to share her pitching strategies with other business owners.

Recently, Williams sat on a panel at the QuickBooks Connect 2019 conference to share insights on how you can use your voice to attract investors who believe in your vision. Here’s her secret sauce for business owners who want to deliver a profitable presentation.


Williams shares that people want to know more about you than what you do. “You have to put together a clear and concise pitch that will knock their socks off,” says Williams. “Who you are is more important than what you do. Telling a story helps people get to know more about you and you become more than just a robot.”

During the QuickBooks panel discussion, Williams talked about how she used her story and statistics to attract investors to her business. “I talked about curvy women and people forgetting that they exist and they need love too. There are over 40 million women who are size 14 or larger in the United States. You have to think about how you dress up all these details into a sexy story that showcases why curvy women need sexy, stylish and fashion-forward lingerie.”

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