Like most American counties, Harris County is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. The county is under a “Stay Home, Work Safe” order until April 30, and residents who work in non-essential industries must stay at home unless conducting vital business or activities.

According to Harris County Public Health, to date, there have been 2,341 confirmed Harris County/Houston combined cases of COVID-19.

Here, the county’s two commissioners of color tell what their precinct offices are doing to help constituents.


“Harris County Precinct One has been on the front lines and out in the community helping vulnerable communities get access to food and supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak.

No one should have to choose between paying for groceries or paying the rent but many families have found themselves doing just that due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is crucial for people to have access to food during this time, Precinct One and Harris County entered into an agreement with the Houston Food Bank to provide approximately 440,000 pounds of food to county residents each week during the public health disaster.

My staff and I have been supporting compassionate release in Harris County jails, suspending evictions, securing rental assistance and helping small businesses through the small business assistance program. We will continue to link residents to vital resources and lifesaving information from trusted sources through social media, emails, and telephonic town halls while we get through this together.”

(Info: 713-274-1000,


“Number one on my mind is keeping people from going hungry. We’ve done a series of food giveaways and we are expanding our homebound senior food delivery program. My office is also leading the charge to get fast cash infusions to Harris County small businesses in the form of forgivable loans.

In the interest of keeping Precinct 2 constituents informed, our office has held a series of tele-town halls to share information about how to stay safe. Finally, we are sharing useful information and resources across all our digital channels like free online educational tools families can use to keep kids engaged while staying at home.”

(Info: 713-755-6220,