As we move closer and closer to the end of the school year, many high school seniors and their families are wanting to know how districts are going to handle graduation plans.

Some districts have already canceled or rescheduled graduation plans altogether while others are letting the students decide how they want to be honored.

Below is a list of how all of the Houston-area school districts are handling their high school senior graduations.

*NOTE: We have not heard from a lot of local school districts about graduation plans, but we are expecting announcements soon and will add them to the list.*

HOUSTON ISD – The Houston Independent School District is exploring alternative plans for graduation ceremonies, should they need to cancel.

The district is asking seniors and/or their families to take a survey on how they would like to proceed with graduation plans.

FORT BEND ISD – Superintendent Charles Dupre announced that May graduations have been canceled and the district is considering rescheduling graduations in July at the Smart Financial Centre.

Dupre said if the district is unable to do face-to-face graduations then virtual graduations are possible. But that decision will not be made until June or July.

All students will be considered a graduate on May 28 so students can have transcripts to send to colleges or militaries, Dupre said.

WILLIS ISD – Willis ISD has had to cancel graduation for high school seniors because the venue used for graduations will be closed through June 30.

There are plans being made to reschedule, according to the district.

Seniors should be on the lookout for a survey where students can submit their ideas on how they want to be honored. 

-KHOU 11