In a historical move, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) will be running mate for the 2020 elections. Harris is the first Black and Indian American woman to be selected to run for the second-highest office in U.S.

The move prompted swift reaction from Houston and national leaders.

‘Tears in my eyes but joy in my soul’

In a thread on Twitter, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee applauded Biden’s move of selecting a Black woman as a running mate. She said she had “tears” in her eyes.

‘HERstory is made’

On Twitter, Congressman Al Green shared his thoughts on the historical significance of Biden’s pick.

‘I’m honored to support this ticket’

State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, who is the longest serving African-American and woman in Texas legislative history, said, “I am elated with the choice by Vice-President Joe Biden. Senator Kamala Harris is an outstanding, reputable leader who is bound to make history not only as the first Black Woman Vice President, but as an unprecedented fighter for Americans all across our country. I’m honored to support this ticket and to restore integrity and decency in the White House.”

‘He made a very thoughtful choice’

Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis who has known Senator Kamala Harris since her undergraduate days at Howard University believes Joe Biden made a thoughtful choice in naming her as his running mate.

“I’m very excited. I’ve known Senator Harris for a very long time. She and my wife were classmates at undergraduate school at Howard University in DC,” Commissioner Rodney Ellis said. “So I met Senator Harris through my wife, and I’ve known her since she was in law school.”

“I think that Senator Biden found someone who could be tested, someone who would have his back, and also somebody who would have the back of the American people,” Ellis said. “So I think he made a very thoughtful choice, he put a lot of time into. It is a historic first, first African American to be nominated for Vice President.”

Ellis expressed his support for Harris after Biden made the announcement on Tuesday.

‘Historic moment of diversity and inclusion’

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner joined fellow Democrats in lauding Biden for his pick.

‘Joe Biden nailed this decision’

Former President Barack Obama tweeted his support of his former Vice President’s decision. He said by picking Harris, Biden “underscored his own judgement and character.”

‘Phony Kamala Harris’

President Trump said Joe Biden running mate Kamala Harris was “nasty” and “disrespectful” to Biden, offering his first reaction to Biden’s pick of Harris Tuesday.

The Trump campaign already had an ad prepared, going after Harris as part of the “radical left” and “phony.” See the ad below: