Thursday, I attended the IjustGotHit.com’s Christmas with Kiotti.  This event was aimed at giving back to the community.  Throughout the night we shared laughs, tears, and even shared some teamwork while playing table trivia.  Towards the end of the night, an attendee was offered a record deal after displaying his singing talent which brought the crowd to tears.

Friday, I attended a video game tournament at the Imani school.  Many students are now finding careers in gaming, however many public schools do not have this as a viable option.  The tournament was aimed at identifying local students who had skills in gaming who would later be going to an HISD school and hopefully in the future be able to bridge that gap between the known and unknown in the gaming world when it comes to public education.

Saturday morning, I attended the Smart’n Up! Black Male Summit.  This powerful summit was aimed at motivating young black males to make positive choices in the community.  The words were spoken, “They will become what they see.”  These words were aimed at the parents in an effort to not only show their children positive things but to remind those in the community it takes all of us.

Saturday afternoon, I found myself at Rice University as North Shore punched their ticket to another state appearance where they will face Duncanville.  Westlake had high hopes, but with an injured wide receiver who made up most of their offense, and a powerful run-stop defense from North Shore, Westlake simply ran out of scoring options.