Friday, I traveled to Delmar Stadium and caught a triple header.  The first game was a girls’ game Heights vs. Bellaire.  The second game was also a girls’ game and it consisted of Westside vs. Lamar.  The third game was a boys’ game where Lamar faced Bellaire.  In the first game, Heights held on as long as they could before Bellaire began to slip away.  Unstoppable guard play on Bellaire’s behalf began to be the deciding factor in this game, as Bellaire began to score at will.  Bellaire would go on to win, 66-47.  In the second game, Lamar seemed to have a solid game plan, but it was quickly changed as they saw it wasn’t workable against the high-powered westside offense.  Westside looked playoff ready as they made very few mistakes, and were able to limit the paint scoring by Lamar’s center.  In the end, Westside would go on to win 71-37.  In the third game, Bellaire showed why they are Bellaire.  They allowed Lamar to stick around long enough to get a feel of how they would play, but once they put it into gear there was no looking back.