Wednesday, I attended two volleyball games at Butler Stadium.  The first game involved Wisdom taking on Northside.  Northside put up a hard fight, but Wisdom stuck together and was able to walk away with a win in three straight sets.  After this game I watched North Forrest take on Worthing.

Thursday, I attended the Willowridge vs. Ft. Bend Marshall game at Edward Mercer Stadium.  Willowridge had a young team and struggled all night with what Ft. Bend Marshall threw at them.  Marshall was able to keep the playbook closed most of the night as their defense continued to not allow Willowridge to get many first downs.  The second half of the game consisted of a running clock due to the point differential.  Ft. Bend Marshall would go on to win 63-0.  They will take on Galena Park in their next game, while Willowridge will take on Dayton.

Friday, I attended the Sam Houston vs. Bellaire game held at Delmar Stadium.  Both teams have struggled this season.  Sam Houston came in at 4-3 while Bellaire came in at 0-7.  Sam Houston had high hopes of adding to their winning column, while Bellaire wanted to rewrite the story.  Bellaire stopped the Sam Houston run and was able to activate both their run and kicking game which allowed them to go home victorious.  Bellaire would go on to win 37-14.  Bellaire will take on Chavez while Sam Houston will take on Heights.

I’m originally from Kansas. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in communication studies. Shortly after moving to Houston in 2007, I began doing photography. I covered cy fair sports...