This week boils down to the Texans.  It’s Sunday, game day, let’s go Texans!  Now the question would be, where are we going?  Are we going home with a win or are we going back home scratching our heads wondering what just happened?  The Texans are definitely a work in progress.  I shot the Texans this week and before the game, I asked a few fans what they believed was the problem.  However, nobody agreed on the common problem.  Some said it was the offense, while others blamed the defense.  One guy made a point and explained it’s the offense, but with the help of a better defense we’d be ok with a mediocre offense.  Nevertheless, the Texans took on the San Diego Chargers Sunday and without hesitation got off to a bad start.  A pick 6 quickly put the Chargers up and Texan fans in an unhappy mood.  The Texans would eventually get it together and come within a touchdown before the Chargers would just kick it back into gear.  In the end, we would go home scratching our heads and wondering what happened, as the Texans would lose 24-34.  Below is a recap of the photos of the event.