With only one drop-off location for absentee or mailed ballots in Harris County, some voters might have trouble getting there. Lebron James’ voting rights group More Than a Vote is stepping up to help.

More Than a Vote teamed up with Lyft to offer $15 off rides to NRG Arena, the county’s election headquarters where ballots are accepted.

Lyft users can use the code HOUVOTE to get a discounted or free ride.

Gov. Greg Abbott declared last week that counties can designate only one location for mailed ballot collection from voters, the Houston Chronicle’s Zach Despart reported. Harris County previously had 12 drop-off locations planned.

Voting rights groups sued Abbott over the mailed ballot drop-off order, the Houston Chronicle’s Taylor Goldenstein reported.

James formed More Than a Vote earlier this year, headlining the campaign with more than 50 Black athletes and entertainers.

“We are focused on systemic, targeted voter suppression in our community and have a specific mission: educate, energize and protect Black voters,” the group said in an open letter.

Early voting starts October 13 and lasts until October 30. Election Day is November 3.