Recently, Councilman Dwight Boykins joined the Health and Human Services Department, the Homeless Outreach Team, and HPD to begin the assessment of homeless people within District D.

Our goal is to see what their needs are, whether it is shelter or health/mental treatment, to get them off of the street and placed somewhere where they can receive proper assistance. This will be an ongoing project over the next couple of weeks.

At the end of this assessment process and the beginning of week three, HPD will begin to enforce keeping our streets clear by making sure that everyone is receiving their proper care and hopefully bringing down the number of our homeless population. Beginning this week we are also scheduling a routine cleanup for 59 underpass from Wheeler to Almeda.

This is an issue that I am taking very seriously to not only eliminate homeless but to make sure that they are receiving the proper care to be able to reenter society as a working, self-sufficient member.

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