For more than 93 years, the Houston Defender has been at the forefront of bringing readers news and information. And as technology evolved, so has the outreach to the community.

“We will always be a go-to source for news and information in the Black community, but we wanted to explore ways we can tailor our coverage of issues to particular niche groups,” said Defender Publisher/CEO Sonny Messiah Jiles.

The creation of DN+ fills that need. The channels (found on the Defender Network’s website) cater to Black women, community and those under 40. With members of the Defender staff taking the reigns as mini-publishers, visitors to those channels can expect engaging, enlightening and educational original stories geared toward that particular group.

“Our mini-publishers not only write original content, but they also post trending and curated content that reflects the diverse interests and experiences of Black Houston-area readers,” Messiah Jiles added.

Check out more on each channel:

Black Women

A place where Black women in the Houston area can learn, grow and bring their voice

Black women make up 13% of the female population in the United States, but their impact feels much more powerful. Black women continue to make significant strides in education, politics, health and other areas. And it is those strides that are highlighted on the Black Women channel.

From stories that impact Black women most to profiles of Black-female-run businesses and sisters breaking barriers to op-eds shining a light on injustices, the BWC is a go-to source for all things Black Girl Magic.

Led by Defender Managing Editor, longtime Houston journalist and national bestselling author, ReShonda Tate, the BWC gives voice to Black women from Houston and beyond.

“Whether we’re talking about how Black women best flex their political muscles, or highlighting the 10 best spots for brunch, we’re making history (and chronicling every minute of it) on the Black Women’s Channel,” Tate said.


Where Blacks in the Houston area meet neighbors, learn about Black businesses and share experiences.

The Defender’s Community Central Channel takes this ancient, traditional Blackfolk concept and value of “community,” and places it online so we can vibe together virtually, from wherever you may be, with good folk from Houston to Havana; from Acres Homes to Accra.

What can you expect to see and experience via Community Central? Us, Blackfolk, fam, in all our splendor, especially as it relates to our places of worship, businesses, educational institutions, initiatives and service efforts.

And the channel will be shining the spotlight on those individuals, organizations, neighborhoods and congregations who are out there representing for the culture, and lifting us all up in ways big and small.

“The Community Central Channel is going to be as interactive as you want to be, because it is a space where you can be seen, heard and most importantly, felt,” said Aswad Walker, Community Central Channel publisher.

Under 40

From finance and health to career and relationships, we’ll help you navigate it all.

We continue to push the envelope and talk about real things that impact our relationship, personal lives, and careers.

The Under 40 channel is dedicated to the bold, passionate, and driven Black millennials and Gen-Z. Each month the channel will prepare our readers to take control over their lives and equip them with the knowledge and resources that will help take them to the next level in their finances, health, careers, and relationships.

“Not only do we feature the stories of the Under 40 movers and shakers of the city, readers will also learn about financial investments, how to practice self-care, and how to survive in the workplace,” said publisher Laura Onyeneho. “If you’re starting out in college, entrepreneurship, a new career, starting a new family, making career pivots, working on health and wellness, or stepping your financial game up, the Under 40 channel will be there to guide you.”