Exotic Pop Youth and Adult Summer Workshop today

Exotic Pop, a Houston, Black-owned beverage company known for their signature hip-hop sodas and rare flavors and brands, is hosting a free Community Workshop July 7, 2022, with speakers and resources for youth and adults covering a host of topics from kid entrepreneurship to stock options! 

The free workshop will be held from 5:00pm-6:30pm at the Exotic Pop office and warehouse, located at 1000 South Loop West, Suite 100, in Houston, and will feature guest speakers including 14-year-old CEO and Author Jordyn Wright on Kid Entrepreneurship, The Gee Boys Anti-Bullying Foundation on Bullying and Humanitarianism, Derek Brown on Forex, Stock Options and Investing, Tusu on the future of Cryptocurrency, Kween Kazaree on Parental Alienation Awareness and Prevention, and Attorney Nicolette Westbrooks who will be on-hand to answer legal questions for workshop attendees.

Exotic Pop founder a& CEO Charleston Wilson

The workshop is part of a free life skills Community Resource Program Exotic Pop recently launched to give back and provide the Houston community with free resources and knowledge to help people navigate areas like personal finance, entrepreneurship, health and wellbeing, housing, legal issues and more.

“The program is all about giving back and helping people in in my hometown,” said Charleston Wilson, Founder and CEO of Exotic Pop.  “We all come up against situations in everyday life that we could use a little help with.  When you share knowledge and resources with people to help them better manage their money and health, it not only improves their quality of life, it uplifts the whole community and gives people an opportunity to then pass that knowledge on to family, friends and the next generation.” 

Exotic Pop hosts the free community workshops on the First Thursday of every month at their Houston office.  Each workshop is free, open to anyone in the community, and features different local entrepreneurs and professionals who share resources and practical advice on topics like smart money management, budgeting, saving, credit, debt, entrepreneurship and starting your own business, taxes, building wealth, mortgage basics, housing and rent, health and healthcare, and more.

Wilson, who launched Exotic Pop out of the trunk of his car in 2017, today has a signature line of products and nostalgic and hard-to-find beverages and snacks in over 70 retail stores nationwide!  The Houston native has grown the brand into a multi-million-dollar global business and fostered partnerships with Houston hip-hop artists like DJ Screw, Lil Flip, King Combs, Lil Keke, Big Moe, Fat Pat, Bun B, Soulja Boy and others, to create their own branded beverages that give back to the community, while creating a positive movement for urban culture.

The company strives to uplift and provide resources for the community through financial and entrepreneurship programs, sponsorships, and support for school, business, and entertainment events.  Wilson also donates a portion of the proceeds from sales back to communities and provides financial literacy programs and annual scholarships for Houston Independent School District (HISD) students to help young people pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

For more information visit  https://exoticpop.com/pages/exotic-pop-community.