Jalen Randle

Family and friends of Jalen Randle continue to demand answers after the 26-year-old was shot and killed by an officer on April 27. Noted civil rights attorney Ben Crump now represents the family and is calling for a thorough investigation and body cam footage to be released.

“Unfortunately, we have been here before with many families,” Crump said. “The loss is so raw and made worse with lack of answers from the police. Witnesses affirm that Jalen was running away from police with no visible weapon when he was shot. We believe that he posed no threat to officers that would warrant being shot from behind.

“We demand the HPD release all available information, especially body camera footage, immediately so that this family can glean what happened to Jalen in his final moments,” Crump said.

“This young man, Jalen, did not deserve to die. Period,” added community activist Quanell X.

Members of the narcotics team were searching for Randle for his three felony warrants, according to the Houston Police Department. Police said when they tried to pull  Randle over, the driver sped off. When officers stopped the car and Randle got out of the passenger seat, an HPD officer shot and killed him. HPD said Randle was carrying a bag that had a gun inside.

“If he had got out and pointed the gun, different discussion. If he had got out with a gun in his hand, different discussion. Those dynamics do not exist,” said Quanell X. “We want them tried like anybody else and investigated by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. We are also asking for the FBI to step in.”

 His father, Warren Randle, said Jalen was the father of a 5-year-old girl.

“Everybody makes mistakes in life. You can’t be judged by your mistakes, but you should be given the chance to rectify them,” Warren Randle said.

HPD said they are not releasing any further information about the shooting at this time because it’s an ongoing investigation. However, they said the body camera footage will be released within 30 days.