House of Horrors: What we know so far about murder of 8-yr-old Kendrick Lee
Gloria Williams (left), Kendrick Williamd (center) and Brian Coulter (right).

It’s a case that rocked the city – three siblings (ages 15, 9 and 7) left to live in an apartment with the decaying body of their 8-year-old brother for nearly a year.

Gloria Williams, 35, the children’s mother, and her boyfriend, Brian Coulter, 31, have both been charged, the latter with murder of 8-year-old Kendrick Lee.

Here’s more about the timeline of the case.


Alief ISD confirms that in 2019 and 2020, the school district filed truancy papers against Gloria Williams. District officials said the kids were last enrolled in May 2020. A Sept. 2020 home visit went unanswered.

November 20-29, 2020

According to Harris County police, Coulter beat Lee to death during this time in their apartment in West Houston. Lee’s brothers said in testimony to deputies that Coulter kicked and punched the child repeatedly until he stopped moving and had black eyes. The boys said Coulter then covered his body with a blanket.

November 2020

Shortly after the murder, Coulter was arrested at a Buc-ee’s in Luling, a Texas town of around 5,800 people located about 140 miles west of Houston along I-10. Coulter was in the Caldwell County Jail from Nov. 23 until Nov. 29 when he bonded out. Based on those dates and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office timeline, the little boy was killed just a day or two before the arrest.

March 2021

Williams and Coulter moved out, leaving the brothers alone to fend for themselves with Kendrick’s decomposing body. 

April 2021

A neighbor complains about the smell coming from the apartment where the children lived, but says nothing was done.

Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021

The 15-year-old reportedly texted his mother that he could not take it anymore, then called authorities claiming that his brother had been dead a year in the apartment. Deputies responded to the scene at the apartment complex, where Lee’s skeletal remains were found and his siblings were left abandoned.

The apartment the boys were living in was in deplorable condition, officials said. The unit reportedly had no furniture, no bedding, soiled carpet and cockroach and fly infestations.

Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

Deputies located Williams and Coulter, and after being interviewed by law enforcement, were released. No charges were filed. All three surviving boys were taken to the hospital, where doctors said they were malnourished with injuries. Investigators believe Coulter beat the 9-year-old and caused an injury about three weeks ago. No medical attention was given at the time. The boy will soon undergo surgery, officials said.

Tuesday Oct. 26, 2021

The couple was charged: Williams with injury to a child by omission and tampering with evidence (a human corpse) and Coulter with murder. Both were arrested at a public library where they were searching news articles about themselves.

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021

Charges were read in court against Coulter, though he did not appear. He was being evaluated at a mental health unit. The judge set his bond at $1 million. The judge also ordered him not to have contact with any minors, specifically the minor witnesses in the case, and no contact with the boys’ mother.

More about the children

-Gloria Williams is the children’s mother. Coulter is not their father. Investigators believe one father is deceased and the other is not in the picture and has no contact with his kid(s).

-Courtney Lee, the biological father of Kendrick Lee and two of the three surviving boys, Jordan, 15, Trevon, 10, told the Daily Mail that he had been estranged from his kids and only learned of Kendrick’s death on the news.

-Investigators said the boys have special needs, noting that early information indicates that at least two of the boys have autism.

-Williams reportedly told deputies she witnessed her boyfriend punching her now-deceased son in Nov. 2020 and that she tried to stop him. The next day, she said she went back into the room where the beating took place and found the 8-year-old deceased under the blanket.-According to the details revealed in court, Williams admitted she knew her son was dead, but did not notify law enforcement because Coulter told her not to, she was afraid her kids would be taken by CPS, and she was afraid she would go to jail.

Williams has six children. The other two children live with relatives.