The man shot outside his home by an off-duty police officer remains in critical condition, while his family members dispute the Houston Police Department’s version of what led up to the shooting.

“This is not a white thing, this is not a black thing, this is a right thing,” said Princess Brown, Casey’s mother.

Quanell X and Brown’s family are calling for the arrest and indictment of an HPD who shot 21-year-old Casey Brown in Brown’s own front yard.

The officer, J. Loosmore, was walking his dog with his wife, when Brown’s dog attacked his pet.

Loosmore, who was off-duty at the time, allegedly went home, got his gun, and returned and told Brown he was going to file a report. Police said Brown started punching Loosmore while he was speaking with police dispatchers on the phone. Loosmore reportedly told investigators that he was afraid Brown would be able to take his gun.

“This is not a justifiable shooting,” said Quanell X.

But HPD claims it was justifiable. Police say Brown attacked first, even though they admit Brown wasn’t armed.

Witnesses dispute HPD’s version of events, and say the officer didn’t identify himself until after he’d shot Brown.

“This man is on his own property,” said Quanell X. “The trespasser is the cop. If anyone should be charged, it’s the police officer.”

The community is already rallying behind Brown’s family.

“This is a no go, we wont take this,” said his mother.

Quanell X urging local leaders and law enforcement to take appropriate action before things spiral out of control here.

“We will not sleep or rest until you do the right thing and indict this cop,” said Quanell X. “If you don’t want St. Louis, if you don’t want Ferguson, if you don’t want New York, if you don’t want Dallas, if you don’t want Baton Rouge, then show us you can do the right thing.”

HPD Homicide, Internal Affairs and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office are all conducting concurrent investigations.

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