The Imani School will decide on the next president by becoming a mock polling location this Thursday, November 3, 2016 (National Mock Election Day) at 10:00 am in the school’s library; in an effort to engage the students in state and national campaigns, teach the importance of voting and the power of their ballots.

Kindergarten through eighth grade students will cast their votes for the candidate they believe should be the next president and act as news media; conducting interviews and answering important questions on issues important to them.

The Mock Election is a non-partisan, educational event that teaches kids to be informed voters. Nearly 130,000 students have voted in Washington’s annual Mock Election since 2004. Students vote on the same measures and candidates adults will decide.

Invited guest include: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Rep. Borris Miles, Shawn Thierry, Fredericka Phillips, Mayor Sylvester Turner and other candidates.

The Imani School is a private predominately African American, Christian school which offers an excellent education to all students from preschool through eighth grade. Our philosophy affirms the global truth that each child is a unique individual created by and in the image of God. “At The Imani School, everything we do is aimed at three enduring measures of success – the well developed mind, the well-nourished spirit, and a series of well-cultivated talents, We emphasize the importance of offering to God and to our community the best of ourselves: our character, integrity, self-discipline and our intellect,” said Patricia Williams, Head of School.

To learn more visit, or call us at 713-723-0616.

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