The Houston Downtown Management District (HDMD) has joined with partner organizations to launch Plan Downtown, a 20-year vision proposal that outlines future city developments. This is the first comprehensive plan for the area since 2004.

“Downtown’s transformation over the past two decades has been astounding, thanks to a combination of major civic improvements, infrastructure projects, private investments and individual actions led by good public policies,” said Valerie Williams, vice president of the HDMD board.

“But, our downtown didn’t get to where it is today by happenstance – it’s because of a united vision and planning that has guided development. The new plan is critical as we surge ahead into the future and continue to lead as a global city.”

Community engagement is a big part of the plan, Williams added.

“Not only do we want to ask the community questions such as ‘What’s missing downtown?’ and ‘What’s your favorite place downtown?’ but we also want to understand where people are currently spending their time, how they get around and even areas that they avoid,” Williams said.

The first public workshop will be held on Wednesday, April 12, where interested members of the public will learn about the plan and challenges and opportunities facing the inner city today, and provide input on the area’s future.

“Participants will be able to help prioritize topics, confirm a vision for downtown’s future, and develop concepts and recommendations,” said Algenita Scott Davis, HDMD’s government and community affairs officer.

“There will be also be a short presentation and then approximately eight activity stations that will allow the community to engage with our HDMD’s staff, leadership team and consultants and give feedback,” Davis said.

The five main categories that will be covered at the workshop are “build, connect, move, work and live” in the area.

“The main questions for each category that have floated to the top of the list are to find out the competitive advantages of downtown, and how do we build on those in the future?” Williams said.

To learn more about the Plan, visit

For the public

What: Engagement Workshop

When: Wednesday, April 12

Time: 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Where: The Rice, Crystal Ballroom, 909 Texas Ave.

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