This week’s journey started with watching Heights’ softball team take on Cinco Ranch in a nail bitter.  Heights jumped to a 1-0 lead with a homerun by Kennedy Hill in the second inning and seemed to be in control.  Cinco Ranch didn’t give up and managed to get a few base hits moving their runners into scoring position.  They would later take the lead 2-1.  The score would remain 2-1 most of the game as Heights was unable to move scorers into scoring position.  Kennedy Hill would again approach the plate and send one to deep center, but Cinco Ranch was able to catch the ball before leaving the park and close out the game with the score 2-1.  Saturday, I stepped away from sports and attended the RBJ to KBJ event held at the Holocaust Museum.  This event allowed 50 girls to see the challenges Ruth Bader Ginsburg faced as she battled her way through life and unto the Supreme Court.  It also gave them inspiration as we now see Joe Biden nominating our first black woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to the Supreme Court.