Thursday, I attended the Madison vs. Sterling game at Butler.  Both teams looked really good however Sterling held the edge.  With rain on and off throughout the night, it was hard for both teams to establish a passing game, so defense was the key to stopping the run.  Sterling’s defense did a really good job of keeping Madison in check all night.  The key edge in this game would be found in Sterling’s, special teams.  Kicking both onside kicks and field goals not only gave them better field position, but much-needed points when the scoring drives slowed down.  In the end, Sterling would go on to win 27-7.  They will face Fulshear next Thursday as playoffs begin.

Saturday, I came back to Butler to watch Yates take on Worthing.  Honestly, I thought this game would not be close.  I thought I’d come to this game and see it over by halftime.  But with so many lead changes, this game came down to the last 6 minutes of the game.  The defense stepped up on both sides of the ball as both teams had interceptions.  The offense showed up on both sides as both teams displayed the ability to score in both the air and on the ground.  The deciding factor showed up in the latter half of the game when teams had to answer the call of, “Who can take better control of the ball.”  Worthing turned the ball over on a costly sack that led to a fumble which was run back for a touchdown and that’s when the game began to change quickly in Yates’ favor.  In the end, Yates would go on to win 46-33.  Yates will face Bay City in their first playoff game, and Worthing will face El Campo.