Over the last several years, a cancer on this society has been revealed with the development of new age technology.  By this I mean, the entire country can see for itself that African Americans have been abused by law enforcement for centuries.

Today however; the NAACP Houston Branch is outraged by the newly released footage of a Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) Policeman’s brutalization of a homeless African American male.

The footage exhibits a clear demonstration of unlawful use of force by Metro Police.  Each and every vicious blow to the victim’s body is an assault on the entire community.  Acts of this type should not just result in termination; but should also lead to criminal charges being filed.

In its founding mission, the NAACP seeks among other things to keep the public aware of adverse effects of racial discrimination, and to take lawful action to secure the elimination of such discrimination.

Our Houston NAACP consistently works to resolve historic and systemic social imbalances and inequalities.  We ask that you join the Houston Branch of the NAACP as we fight back.  It is only through unity that we all win.

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