Houston Fire Department (HFD) Chief Samuel Pena today announced they will again team up with Kidde and The Home Depot for the “Operation Save a Life” campaign. The safety program is designed to increase awareness and educate consumers about the dangers of fire, as well as the importance of having properly functioning smoke alarms.

As part of the campaign, Kidde is donating 3,000 of its Worry-Free  smoke alarms featuring a sealed-in 10-year battery that provides 24/7 fire safety protection. Kidde is also launching a series of public service announcements aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

“Our residents, especially the elderly, often don’t know if their smoke alarms work or even that one is needed,” said Chief Pena. “I am grateful to Kidde and The Home Depot for their sponsorship of this campaign. The smoke alarms and the educational campaigns will help save lives.”

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data, working smoke alarms in a reported fire cut the risk of dying in half and help prevent needless injuries to residents and emergency responders. More than one-third of home fire deaths occurred in a residence with no smoke alarms present. One-quarter of the deaths were caused by fires where smoke alarms were present but failed to operate, typically due to dead or missing batteries.

Since 2002, Kidde has donated more than a million smoke alarms to fire departments throughout the nation. As part of their efforts, they work with local television stations to increase public awareness about fire and carbon monoxide safety.

“Kidde’s mission is to help save lives. It is the driving force behind our investment in developing fire-safety technology and the reason we invest in programs like Operation Save a Life,” said Kidde’s Sharon Cooksey, Marketing and Communications Manager.

As a joint sponsor in the Operation Save a Life initiative, The Home Depot will be hosting Save a Life Saturday events at select Houston-area stores.

The events will provide residents with fire-safety tips to implement in the home and will include a fire-safety workshop for kids.

“We are always looking for ways to help our community and military veterans,” said The Home Depot’s Regional Merchandise Manager, Sam Atkinson. “Giving back is a core value at The Home Depot and is a passion of our regional team and store associates.”

If you are in need of a smoke alarm or know someone in Houston who needs a working smoke alarm, please call our Public Affairs Division at ‪832-394-6633 of go to our website‪www.Houstonfire.org. Residents must reside in the city of Houston, be a homeowner and preferably be low-income or unable to obtain an alarm and/or physically challenged and/or a senior with a fixed income. The HFD also offers smoke alarms for the deaf or hard of hearing. These may also be requested by calling the HFD Public Affairs Division.

If you rent your home, including apartments, your landlord should provide a working smoke alarm. If your landlord has not provided a working smoke alarm, you may contact our fire marshal office at ‪832-394-6900.

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