State Rep. Nicole Collier, D- Fort Worth, the chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, speaks at a news conference at the Capitol on Sunday May 30, 2021, against Senate Bill 7, known as the Election Integrity Protection Act. (Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP)

It Ain’t Over till it’s OVER….

Republicans Want You to VOTE HERE by Daryl Cagle,

Texas is headed into a special session because the 2020 Census numbers have not come in yet and you need the numbers to conduct redistricting that is done every 10 years. The U.S. Census says it will deliver the data to all states by Sept. 30, 2021. Other issues are expected to be added to the agenda, like the voter suppression bill. Republicans will want to steam-roll the voter suppression bill through, but you can expect Democrats to use any and every tool or maneuver to protect folks from restricting voting rights. Republicans throw the terms voter security and voter integrity around, thinking if they say it enough somebody might believe it. WRONG. If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck. I love the question the Texas Tribune asked, “Texas GOP voting restrictions: Color blind or ‘Jim Crow in a tuxedo.’” Well, the facts are the bill the Republicans have on the table regarding voting will clamp down on early voting rules and hours, restrict how voters can receive applications to vote by mail and regulates the distribution of polling places in diverse, urban counties.

ALERT: Black and Brown constituents, who live in these Republican districts, need to call conservative elected officials and tell them this is unacceptable. You have to let folks know you are pissed off. Here (below) are the Republicans that represent you in the Senate and House according to the Harris County GOP website. Please call them and let them know there have been no fraud cases, and respect the voters. DON’T Turn the clock back….. We want to increase participation not decrease it. Have your social groups, church members and whoever you can think of call these folks and let them know what you think. CALL TODAY.



Brandon Creighton | 2257 N. Loop 337, Ste 140-366, Conroe, Tx 77304 | (512) 463-0104 / (281) 292-4128

Paul Bettencourt | 1E Greenway Plaza, Ste 225, Houston, Tx 77046 | (512) 463-0107 / (713) 464-0282

Larry Taylor | P.O. Box 1208, Friendswood, Tx 77549 | (512) 463-0111 / (281) 332-0003

Joan Huffman | 3733-1 Westheimer #40, Houston, Tx 77027 | (512) 463-0117 / (979) 480-0994

Lois Kolkhorst | P.O. Box 2546, Brenham, Tx 77834 | (512) 463-0118 / (281) 394-5610


Sam Harless | 15814 Champion Forest PMB 312, Spring, Tx 77379 | (512) 463-0496 / 281-251-0194

Dan Huberty | 1 E. Greenway Plaza, Ste 225, Houston, Tx 77046 | (512) 463-0520 / (281) 360-9410

Briscoe Cain | P.O. Box 7, Deer Park, Tx 77536 | (512) 463-0733 /

Dennis Paul | 626 ½ Barringer Ln, Suite A, Webster, Tx 77598 | (512) 463-0734 | (281) 488-8900

Tom Oliverson | 12345 Jones Rd. #221, Houston, Tx 77070 | (512) 463-0661 / (281) 955-5152

Mike Schofield | 1550 Foxlake Drive Ste 120, Houston, Tx 77084 | (512) 463-0528 / (281) 492 -0684

Jim Murphy | One E Greenway Plaza, Ste 225, Houston, Tx 77046 | (512) 463-0514 / (713) 465-8800

Lacey Hull | P.O. box 19231, Houston, Tx 77224 | (512) 463-0727

Valoree Swanson | 6046 FM 2920 #619, Spring, Tx 77379 | (512) 463-0572 / (281) 257-4222

Source: Harris County GOP

Losers & Winners

Texas gets two new congressional seats based on the population shifts reported by the 2020 Census. The main question is how will this impact the U.S. House of Representatives with its slim democratic majority, especially since the states that gained seats were mostly Republican-leaning: Texas, Florida, Montana and North Carolina. The mid-term elections are just around the corner.

Winners: Texas, Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon

Losers:  California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginal each lost one seat.

Domino Theory

With the 2020 Census information coming in late due to COVID-19, folks are expressing concern about how it will impact the elections in 2022, especially the March Primary. The power of redistricting is it becomes the lay of the land for 10 years, dictating the future political landscape of the state. Here is the scenario: If the Texas Special Session on Redistricting takes place in the fall, can lawmakers get the lines drawn for the new districts done quickly… especially anticipating judicial challenges in Texas and knowing the Republican dominated Texas Legislators’ tendency to show their artistic talents. Will it cause the filing deadlines to shift, then causing the Texas Primary to extend a little further into 2022? That’s the question. But please know… those who are in power will do everything to maintain their power.

Domino artwork


State Rep. Jasmine Crockett

Jasmine Crockett  D-Dallas was the only Black freshman in the Texas Legislature this year. Her passionate delivery is second only to her tenacity to file more House bills than any other first-timer. Normally freshman are wallflowers, keeping a low profile. But sistergirl pushed police reform, voting option expansion and revamping drug laws. Keep an eye on this sister. We need more like her.  

Republicans vow to block George Floyd Bill

Geogre Floyd mural 3400 Holman_3rd Ward Texas

Before the legislative session got underway, rumor came out that Republicans vowed they would not pass anything with George Floyd’s name on it. Well, it appears they succeeded and also passed a bill which financially penalizes large cities if they cut police budgets.

Who’s running for Houston Mayor?

The exploratory committees are being formed and folks are making calls to feel out the political landscape. Here are a few of the names creating a buzz.  

Former Houston Councilwoman Amanda Edwards

Business Consultant Gilbert Garcia

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Dr. Laura Murillo

Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Dr. Laura Murillo

Houston Councilman Edward Pollard

Houston City Councilman Edward Pollard

State Senator John Whitmire

State Senator John Whitmire


AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File

Dark Money refers to political spending meant to influence the decision of a voter, where the donor is not disclosed and the source of the money is unknown.  Some say, the mention of disclosing dark money in the John Lewis Voting bill before Congress may be the hold-up.