Pride Month: Spotlight on Black-led LGBTQ+ organizations
Pride Month. Andrea Vollags

June officially marks the beginning of Pride Month nationwide. Houston will offer a wide range of events that uplift and celebrate LGBTQ+ activism and contributions to society.

It calls for people to understand the damage resulting from homophobia and to re-examine what allyship looks like while addressing discrimination, especially against Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people.

Black people who identify as LGBTQ+ risk harsher realities of oppression in terms of housing, education, political representation, healthcare, income, employment and other services.

The fight for equality and liberation is far from over. That shouldn’t stop you from showing support for the local organizations that create a safe space and advocate for rights.

  1. Normal Anomaly Initiative

A non-profit organization that centers Black, queer-plus persons to overcome barriers and end stigma and problematic narratives to actualize a new normal.

  1. Loud Inc.

A Texas dedicated to improving the cultural, medical and social health of gay men, lesbian and transgender people of African descent through a variety of programs and services.

  1. Save Our Sisters United (S.O.S.U.)

The mission of S.O.S.U is to develop a safe space for individuals of transgender experience and connect, empower and mobilize women working to bridge the gaps of sisterhood between cis and women of trans-experience.

  1. The Mahogany Project

The sister organization to Save Our Sisters United striving to increase the quality of life of women of trans-experience in the South. The program is designed to be a healing space that prioritizes the lives of Blacks of the transgender experience and individuals living intersectional lives.

  1. Truth Project Houston

Truth (Telling Real Unapologetic Through Healing) Project Inc. educates and mobilizes LGBTQ communities of color and their allies through social arts that promote mental, emotional and sexual health.

Here are some Pride events in the coming weeks: 

Rock the Runway Pride Fashion

Thursday, June 23

RISE Rooftop

Rainbow on the Green

Friday, June 24

Discovery Green

www.discovery green

44th annual Houston LGBT+ Pride Celebration

Saturday, June 25

Houston City Hall

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