For the first time in many years, there is a bipartisan effort to increase public school funding in Texas.

If one of several bills related to the issue passes, the state’s 321,000 public school teachers could be getting big raises.

During his second inauguration Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced that State Sen. Jane Nelson has filed a bill to give teachers $5,000 raises.

The bill is among many filed in both the Texas House and Senate, aimed at boosting funding for public schools.

While that number is eye-popping, the Senate has proposed to spend less money on public education than the State House.

The House is poised to propose a $7 billion increase in public education funding. Meanwhile, on the Senate side, lawmakers are seeking a more modest $4 billion increase in funding.

Just how much money will go to public school and teachers will depend on what the final bill looks like when it goes to the governor’s desk.

Lawmakers have until the end of May to pass their bills.