The Red Cross promised flood victims $400 of immediate assistance, but when it’s website crashed, they couldn’t deliver.

On Thursday, it is relaunching a section of the website,, to give more people the chance to apply.

Pictures are all Billy Handy has left of his Dickinson apartment.

“I’m very disappointed in the Red Cross,” said Handy.

He lost two vehicles and everything inside his home during Hurricane Harvey. When his family heard the Red Cross was giving out money, they applied for the assistance. However, they never saw the money and are still waiting.

“You’re getting millions of dollars donated to you, you know how many people are going to need this and you can’t get a website right?” said Handy.

“It’s a very simple application process, people go in and provide their name, address and phone number,” said Charles Blake, Division Disaster Executive with American Red Cross. “We’re making sure fraud is not a prevalent thing, you can’t prepare for every circumstance but there have been safe guards put in place to protect against the fraud.”

Handy says he has no faith in the Red Cross but he does need the money and he’s watched plenty of donations come pouring in.

“You’ve got millions of dollars, get it to the people,” he said.

The money is supposed to go to one person per household. If you already applied and crashed in the process, Red Cross leaders say your confirmation is coming, you don’t need to reapply.

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