Aspiring and current musicians will have a chance to learn everything they can about the business as Mack Performing Arts Collective (MPAC) presents its 2018 music symposium on Saturday, March 24.

It is designed to create a platform where experts provide information on the business side of the music industry, hear problems and provide solutions where possible, explain how attendees can make an economic impact in their communities and in the industry, and to connect people in the business in the Houston area.

“I am delighted about this symposium because it has always one of my goals for MPAC to make an impact on the music industry,” said attorney Jalene Mack, MPAC founder and artistic director. “We do just that when we connect music entertainment resources to those that do not have access otherwise, which creates opportunities to be successful in this industry.”

The symposium will feature five panels with over 20 speakers discussing “A Great Artist Needs a Great Team,” “Building a Brand,” “Intellectual Property,” “Record Label Entrepreneurship,” and “Film/TV Placement/Distribution.”

It is a collaboration between MPAC and the Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law at the University of Houston Law Center, underwritten in part by the Wayne Duddlesten Foundation.

“This symposium is really about knowledge and empowerment,” Mack said. “The entertainment business is a billion-dollar industry. Working successfully in the music business can be a means of constant and residual income, wealth and equity accumulation.

“Because of social media and new technology, there are legions of people nationwide now trying to break into the entertainment business and the timing is right for us to help them given the explosive demand for content to fill all of the new distribution channels.”

MPAC Music Symposium 

Saturday, March 24

10 a.m.-5 p.m.

UH Central Law Center

4604 Calhoun

Admission $20; $10 for college students; free for high school students

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