Families with transgender children feel the mental toll of the new anti-transgender restrictions. Abode Stock Image Credit: AungMyo - stock.adobe.com

The Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) launched an emergency fund in response to the anti-trans restrictions in Texas.

The CSE will provide $20,000 in grants to Texas families impacted by the new anti-transgender rules.

The funds will help cover the cost of legal services, emergency planning, mental health support, and more.

People who are not health care experts are trying to impose and enforce their will on your body and what you want to do with your life, said Allison Scott, Director of Impact & Innovation of the Campaign for Southern Equality. “These politicians are using children as a fear tactic and as a prop for political gain”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called on licensed medical professionals and members of the general public to report the parents to authorities if the minors are receiving gender-affirming medical care. The consequence resulted in demonizing parents who support transgendered children and preventing professionals from providing proper care.

Those opposed to this restriction said that anti-transgender legislation only would divert time and attention away from actual cases of child abuse while adding an additional strain to the broken foster care system. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a legal opinion that said allowing minors to receive transitional care such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgery is child abuse under state law.

They want to boil it down to medical interventions but let’s be real. None of those things without years of therapy first. This isn’t something someone decides to do on a whim,” Scott said. “This is why the grant is important. There is an immediate need for families who need transportation to take their child to therapy, for medication, or food.”

Trans youth and families of trans youth in Texas can now submit a short application for rapid response grants of $250, which can help cover the cost of legal services, emergency planning, mental health support, and more. Click here to view the application in English. and click here for Spanish.

Laura Onyeneho covers the city’s education system as it relates to Black children for the Defender Network as a Report For America Corps member. Email her at laura@defendernetwork.com

I cover Houston's education system as it relates to the Black community for the Defender as a Report for America corps member. I'm a multimedia journalist and have reported on social, cultural, lifestyle,...