The 'Smart'n Up' Black Male Summit going virtual for 2021

The “Smart’n Up” Black Male Summit, a community-based motivational and educational summit designed to address the unique needs of Black men and boys, is going virtual in 2021.

The event, which is organized and hosted by local activist Deric Muhammad, is typically put on twice a year. The first ‘Smart’n Up’ Summit for 2021 is going virtual and will be held on Feb. 13 beginning at 12 noon.

“If we pull up their minds their pants will follow.”

Deric Muhammad, founder, ‘Smart’n Up’ Black Male Summit

The event has proven to be an opportunity to expose young Black males to empowering information, positive role models, potential mentors and critical resources to help them survive and succeed in an adverse society.

“We do not sugar coat our subject matter at the Black Male Summit,” said Muhammad. “Our message is strong. Our workshops include presentations about entrepreneurship, confidence building, conflict resolution, among other critical topics.”

The target age group is 12 years and older. However, anyone (including women) are welcome to attend. According to multiple past attendees, previous summits have been a life changing experience for thousands.

Said event founder, Muhammad, “If we pull up their minds their pants will follow.”