Credit: Jimmie Aggison

The TSU Board of Regents, TSU Foundation Board Trustees and President Lesia L. Crumpton-Young recently joined forces for the annual President’s Tiger Ball. For this year’s event, TSU officials say more than a million dollars worth of sponsorship was raised to support scholarship and transformation.

Held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the President’s Tiger Ball was advertised as “an evening of entertainment, inspiration and fundraising” for the benefit of TSU students. Sponsors and attendees reveled in the fact that by investing in the event, they were directly supporting TSU’s efforts to provide students with a quality education and vibrant student experience, and assist them in becoming successful and productive leaders locally, nationally and globally.

There were too many highlight moments to list them all, including the event’s Parade of Partners, led in by what some call the greatest marching band in the known universe — the TSU Ocean of Soul!

Here are the pics, taken by Defender photographer Jimmie Aggison: