Comcast and Combined Arms Photo (L-R) – Michael Bybee, Director of External Communications, Comcast; Mia Garcia, Programs Director, NextOps; Lakeitha Hearon, Army Veteran, Internet Essentials Customer; Misha McClure, External Communications Manager, Comcast; Kevin Doffing, Chief Operating Officer, Combined Arms
Army veteran Lakeitha Hearon knows how important having Internet access is and that’s why she signed up for Comcast Internet Essentials.  

“Internet Essentials has been a huge help to me because I am in school and I have to have access to the Internet to complete my assignments and study material,” Hearon said. “Also, because I use my GI bill to go to school it would be hard for me to complete the requirementsasked of me by the VA without the Internet Essentials program.” 

Hearon learned of the Comcast program, offering Internet to public housing residents, seniors, community college students and veterans, through Combined Arms. 

In 2018, Comcast partnered with Combined Arms to officially open the first-ever computer lab for the veterancommunity in Houston. Kevin Doffing, COO of Combined Arms, said, “Programs like Internet Essentials remove barriers for Americans looking to achieve the dream of bettering themselves and the lives of their children. Internet access is essential to all aspects of career transition and mobility.”

Today, nationwide, Comcast has connected more than 8 million low-income people to the Internet at home, most for the very first time, including 600,000 in the state of Texas, 400,000 of whom are in Houston. Houston is now the No. 1-ranked city in America in terms of its overall participation rate in the Internet Essentials program.