Fort Bend ISD plans to re-open Willowridge High School when students return from Winter Break in January of 2018. Mold remediation efforts that began this summer only encountered minor delays due to Hurricane Harvey, however, crews have now determined that additional HVAC work is also needed, changing the original scope of work.

Earlier this month, crews completed the mold-remediation process and work is now underway to replace the flooring, ceiling tiles and drywall. Following the remediation work, a contractor conducted an inspection on the HVAC system to determine what may have contributed to the increased humidity over the summer when the mold growth began. During this inspection, they found that the chillers were not functioning at full capacity, and at least three need to be replaced. Given the extent of the work that is needed, and the slight delay during Hurricane Harvey, the completion timeframe also changed.

“I disappointed that the reopening of Willowridge will be delayed, but I am excited about the improvements our students and staff will enjoy when they return,” said Dr. Charles Dupre, Fort Bend ISD Superintendent of Schools.

“The exterior of the building and its floor plan will remain the same, but after all the work is complete and the school re-opens, the campus will have new flooring, paint, furniture and an HVAC system. I truly value the community’s support during this process, and believe that the end result will be worth the wait.”

To celebrate the re-opening of the school and to say “thank you” to the community for their ongoing support, District and school administrators will plan a community ribbon-cutting ceremony that will feature the Mighty Eagle Band, cheerleaders, dance team and more.

More details will be announced as plans are finalized.

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