Harris County residents can apply for free legal representation in eviction cases

The Supreme Court moratorium that postponed evictions for nonpayment of rent during the COVID-19 pandemic expired on May 18, and many Houstonians may now be at risk of eviction. Houston Volunteer Lawyers (HVL), a service of the Houston Bar Association, can help low-income individuals who may face eviction proceedings. HVL is expediting eligible eviction applications as court proceedings are expected to resume on June 1.

Applications can be submitted online at  www.makejusticehappen.org/Apply-Online. An application may also be printed and emailed to [email protected] or can be faxed to (713) 228-5826. Applicants should be prepared to give as much information about their case as possible, including an eviction case number, if available.

“HVL is trying to match as many eligible, low-income Houstonians as possible with volunteer attorneys,” Bill Kroger, Houston Bar Association president, said. “And if you are seeking help with an eviction, please apply with HVL as quickly as possible, so that we can try to place your case and be mindful of deadlines. We are here to help, but can only do so if you reach out to us.”

Visit the How to Get Help page at www.MakeJusticeHappen.org to learn more. A legal caseworker will notify each applicant if other documents are required. If an application is accepted, HVL will try to place the case with a volunteer attorney. Translators and other accommodation requests can be made by calling (713) 228-0735 or emailing [email protected].

For more information on this and other HVL services, please visit www.MakeJusticeHappen.org or call (713) 228-0735.