Millennials are described as Gen Y and are generally born between 1980 and 2000 but the range varies. Although they often get a lot of flak for being entitled or lazy, the truth is, Generation Y is proving that they have no qualms about stepping out on their own. Who are these young Houstonians operating successful businesses, making a difference, facing the challenges and overcoming the obstacles of entrepreneurship? This week’s Defender features individuals, who have taken the giant step.


Joshua Dada, 32, is the owner of Entertainment Connect, a talent and consultant agency.  The graduate of Prairie View A&M has been in business for over 12 years and has the motto “Entertaining and inspiring audiences all over the world.” For more information about Joshua Dada and his company visit:


My company is one of if not the first true Black-owned talent Agencies in the city of Houston. I am a Houston native with a strong passion for using capital gain for the betterment of Humanity. I believe a true leader is a servant. I’m always finding a way to give back through entertainment and also my consultations help strategize and grow not only businesses but also people. The goal is to do the most good with the skills I possess. I am propelled by my core values of purpose, freedom, and love.


As cliché as it sounds this business chose me. After 9 years of music business management in Houston from the age of 18, I was handpicked by the CEO of the Houston Symphony to work for their organization. While at the symphony I met several world-class musicians who wanted more opportunities to play music outside of classical music. As you can imagine me being a Houston native, I have a strong network in the city and it’s continuously growing so I was able to provide this for them. I have worked with so many large companies, sports teams, politicians etc… so it was very easy for me to start creating opportunities for these musicians but also jazz, hip hop, country, and soul musicians around the city. I have now been able to expand from just musicians to professional athletes and social and political influencers as well just given my natural ability to connect with people and strategically connect the dots between brands and organizations.


Thus far I have faced several challenges in business but I believe the biggest one was being let go from a job and having to decide whether to go all-in and work for myself or accept another job offer that was almost double my previous salary. I chose to bet on me even when it didn’t financially make sense. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. As I am gainfully employed by my own company and I love what I do every day.


I have several goals for my career and they almost always revolve around helping others as I am a man of service with a heart for servitude.

I hope to help find more long term and viable solutions around the problem of homelessness here in Houston within the next 10 years. I believe we all are very aware that mental illness and drug abuse has been a large part of the issue. So how can we help restore better care for others given our multitude of resources available to us? I look forward to building younger people and investing in them in major ways to build the bridge between equity and equality.

I once was a little boy living in the ghettos of Houston who didn’t see a way out but through perseverance, determination, and a few good people I was exposed beyond my environment which sparked the ambition to be something great.

I also look to help increase the current social and economic trade endeavors between Houston and other foreign countries, starting with Africa the home of my mother and father to help not only increase the value of our city but to create a more interconnected world for our children to be exposed outside of the USA. The church has been doing a good job of this over the years but I feel we can do more with all the Industries we have here and most especially education. This causes both us and them abroad to be more enriched people through knowledge and culture awareness.

All of these I have begun working on in some way but the effort shall be increasing as I continue to grow as a human and a professional.