Breonna Taylor’s mother calls on Biden to investigate killing in ad

The mother of Breonna Taylor is calling on President-elect Joe Biden to open a federal investigation into the shooting death of her daughter and other Black people who were killed by police. 

Taylor was fatally shot on March 13 by Louisville Metro Police officers during a search warrant gone wrong. She was 26. 

In a Tuesday edition of The Washington Post, Tamika Palmer made her message clear to Biden to hold police officers accountable.

“Your campaign’s stated commitment to prioritize police accountability prompted so many of us to vote this year,” Palmer said in the ad. “For many Americans, a vote for you was a vote for Breonna, Jacob BlakeCasey Goodson and so many others who have been failed repeatedly by the criminal justice system under the current administration.”

Palmer then outlined the steps that should be addressed: 

  • Appointing people to the Department of Justice with a proven record of holding police accountable.
  • Ordering the DOJ to reopen investigations into police violence not properly completed before the Obama administration ended.
  • Ordering large scale federal investigations into cases of police brutality, like the shootings of Jacob Blake, Casey Goodson, and of course, my daughter.
  • Stopping police brutality before it happens by ordering robust pattern and practice investigations into police departments known to cause harm across the country.

She emphasized her message to Biden that “actions speak louder than words. We need your actions to show that you are different than those who pay lip service to our losses while doing nothing to show that our loved one’s lives mattered.”

-The Grio