Amid concerns for undocumented immigrants following the election of Donald Trump, Columbia University is taking a stand to make sure that its undocumented students feel that they are safe on its campus.

The university sent out an email to both students and teachers on Monday saying that it would not allow immigration officials on its campus without a warrant and that it would not provide the information of its undocumented students to officials without being subpoenaed.

What’s more, the university assured undocumented students that if the Trump administration gets ride of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), it will increase financial aid to undocumented students who will have lost the right to work in order to allow them to continue on at the university.

“The experience of undocumented students at the College and Columbia Engineering, from the time they first seek admission through their graduation, will not be burdened in any way by their undocumented status,” said Provost John Coatsworth.

“There are lots of areas that are uncertain and it’s a deeply puzzling and concerning time,” University President Lee Bollinge said in a statement. “Where we have opportunities to provide specific policy decisions like financial aid to students, we’ll think about these very carefully and act where we can.”

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