Following the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the Education Secretary, Cory Booker took to Facebook to post a message not only expressing his sadness over the vote but also his hope that people everywhere in the country will still have faith that their rights will be protected.

“I’m frustrated and deeply saddened by the 51-50 vote confirming Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education,” Booker wrote.

He spoke to a hope that children facing the challenges of the current education system know that they are not fighting alone before he turned his attention to the broader administration and the Education Department.

“May the Department of Education and its Office for Civil Rights remain vigilant, remain strong, and remain expansive in their efforts in the years to come,” he wrote. “To all those worried about their civil rights, about having equal access and opportunity to an education, please know: even if Betsy DeVos doesn’t see it as her role as a federal leader to work for your rights, equality or freedom from bullying or harassment, know that I and many others will always fight for you.”

DeVos was confirmed on Tuesday in a 51-50 historic vote that required Vice President Mike Pence to travel to the Senate in order to cast the tie-breaking final vote.

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