A Dallas restaurant owner and his customers have accused Donald Trump Jr. of racism after he mockingly posed with a picture of a cookie with Barack Obama‘s face on it.

Stephan Courseau, who owns the French eatery Le Bilboquet, is livid after discovering that Trump Jr. and Sen. Ted Cruz made fun of and taunted the former president with the cookie.

He says had he known what Trump and Cruz intended to do, he would’ve seen to it that the cookie, which recreates Obama’s iconic “Hope” campaign posters, never saw the light of day.

A ‘racist minstrel show’

According to TMZ, Trump’s photo has been described “racist minstrel show.”

Courseau says that when the photo made its rounds on the internet, he received many calls from angry customers. Patrons demanded to know how he could allow such a thing to happen in his establishment.

Trump Jr. and company, he says, were at a private event at the restaurant at the time. Courseau, however, was not present.

The owner says he’s disgusted by the photos and understands why his customers are upset.

He says he’s just as angry about the ordeal.

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