In an interview with right-wing outlet The Daily Caller, Donald Trump Jr. was asked about his daddy’s  racism.

“It’s been terrible to watch, because I know him, I’ve seen him my whole life, I’ve seen the things he’s done. It’s amazing, all the rappers, all the this, all his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton, I have pictures with them . . . it was only till he got into politics that all of a sudden, Oh, he’s the most terrible human being ever,” he said.

See below:

Many argue that Trump’s racism has been evident for years. There was his five-year racist rant that President Obama was not born in this country, calling for the execution of five Black teenagers wrongfully accused of assaulting a white woman, housing discrimination lawsuits  and his disgusting behavior as President. Not to mention, his father Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally in 1927. Little Donnie should never discuss racism again. Instead, he should prepare to not ”crack like an egg” under the pressure of the ongoing Russia investigation.

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